Texas Gov. Greg Abbott recently said during his State of the State address that it’s time to listen to the families and give them education freedom through education savings accounts. He emphasized wanting to expand the program because freedom is an emergency item this legislative session. 

Florida families will have access to roughly $7,500 for a variety of pre-approved educational expenses, including tuition at a non-public school, tutoring, curriculum, or other services.

The legislation moved easily through both Florida’s House and Senate – with all Republicans voting in favor, along with four House Democrats. The school choice bill passed the Florida House by a vote of 83 to 27 and the Senate 26 to 12.

Governor Sanders’ education reform proposal, introduced as Senate Bill 294, would provide the parents of every Arkansas child with an ESA annually infused with $6,000, funds that can used attend the private or public school best suited for their needs. ESA values will grow over time, as the annual amount is set at 90% of public school per pupil spending for the previous education year.