Private Schools

Are you ready to start your own Christian Private School?

There are a number of different school curriculums that are available to meet the needs of your church and school. A few of the most popular curriculums include Abeka, Bob Jones, Answers in Genesis, and ACE School of Tomorrow.

Some schools choose to use a combination of the different curriculums depending on the needs of their students. All of the curriculums get great reviews and it isn’t our intention to rate one above the other. Some curriculums specialize their use in the homeschool arena but are also good in private schools. But, since the ACE School of Tomorrow specializes in private schools, they have provided potential schools with good information on how to build a school. Here is the link to easily follow their 7 step plan to get up and running: ACE School of Tomorrow. Once your school is established you may use the different curriculums according to your needs.

Watch the following video on “How to Start a School”.